Shell for mapping tasks!


Why to Write Shell Script ?

(templates: Shell scripts )
1- Shell script can take input from user, file and output them on screen, network ( ssh, rsync ) ...

2- Useful to create our own commands, filters to prepare GIS data.

3- Save lots of time, we can automate some repetitive tasks of day today life. ( no mouse clicks, let it for W* users )

5- Much of System Administration can be also automated.

6- because it is smart, ( *nix way ), and enjoyable too !
QGIS tip for Debian GNU/Linux:
a) local taste:
dpkg -s qgis | grep ^Depends | tr \, \\n > /tmp/qgis_depends.txt; cat /tmp/qgis_depends.txt

b) remote taste: ( over a crypto ssh tunel), to list remote available DBs :
ssh 'psql -l'
c) PostgreSQL total volume stored on DB cluster: psql postgres -c "\l+"

About this server:

0- Server location: ( lat / lon). it is far away from me and it doesn't matter. I have full server access.

1- Powered by OpenSource. QEMU, Debian GNU/Linux, Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL+PostGIS, GEOS, PROJ4, GDAL/OGR, ssh, rsync... ( thank you all )

2- PostGIS ( OGC conform, robustness, topology, security, remote access, access control, 3D, 4D, .... ), SQlite+Spatialite are much, much better than shapefiles, for local Desktop.

3- ESPG=4989 (lon/lat/h) for SIRGAS2000 3D, our world is not flat. No EPSG=4674 2D
- desired: (oh=orthometric over gh=geometric) heights and UTC data+time 4D
Why time ?
a) because we have 3 differents SAD69 in Brazil for example.
b) for temporal analysis, to measure features displacements to prevent disasters (like Mariana' s dam break)...

4- Just in case:
a)- advice: to avoid headache, do not use spaces or special characters in filenames or DB table and field names. Same for decimal point vs comma: (99.95) vs (99,95); Here we will use (99.95).
b)- here our encode is UTF-8 ( NO W* encodes, please ! )
c)- here text files lines end with LF ( no W* CR LF or Mac CR )
d)- here we think do not use private data formats. DWG, XLS,DOCx,.. . BTW DXF is not so open, AutoDesk change it every 3 years, systematically.

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licencas-patentes-1510120.avi sorry, AVI . I should use OGG :-)

OGC: Open Data shall be machine readable and it should also be easily accessible.
A dataset is said to be open if anyone is free to use, reuse, and redistribute it.

e) Why to avoid Google, Apple, MS Bing, Yahoo,... ?
Short answer:
Data is copyrighted and owned by multiple organisations like the Ordnance Survey. Google/whoever just licenses it. If we were to use it, we'd have to pay for it.
Long answer:
Most hackers around the world are familiar with the difference between "free" as in "free beer" and as in "free speech". Google Maps are free as in beer, not as in speech.
What we lose when we lose net neutrality.
OSM wiki Wikipedia OpenStreetMap
News, good news, in this team: FW (gdal/ogr...). Wow, i wish Planet Labs team a happy and prosperous 2015 !!!! !
Free as in Freedom. In GNU free means freedom, not $.

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